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Syllabus for MFR Modules

Syllabus for MFR Modules

Introduction to Myofascial Release, the reasoning and physiology of MFR.
Structural MFR and ‘unwinding’
The MFR Evaluation, Importance of Hand Sensitivity
Concept and detection of craniosacral rhythm
Concept and practice of indirect release and direct methods
Gross cross hand stretches
Focused stretches
3-dimensional releases
Leg and arm pulls
Transverse fascial plane releases
Energy direction
Cranial base release
Focused rebounding
Scar tissue release
Myofascial trigger points
Specific direct technique release of all Osteomyofascial Compartments.
Cervical release
Combining techniques, e.g. skin rolling with indirect release and a focused stretch, or arm pulls with rocking and rebounding, indirect release and unwinding.
Combining unwinding with structural work
Myofascial Release Advanced
Advanced palpatory skills
Advanced unwinding and integration with structural techniques
Specific applications for the SI joint and pelvis
Specific applications for the thoracic spine and rib cage
Specific applications for the cervical spine
Clinical integration
Subtle energy techniques
Continuation of MFR dialoguing skills

Postgraduate practitioner training in Myofascial Release ;The ADMFT©

This is a more comprehensive course, intended to give thorough Hands-On training for true Hands-On lovers in advanced palpation skills and the whole myofascial release techniques. After training you will get a full Hands-On training on patients under Dr. Ajimshaw’s guidance at our clinical wing, SCeB CAPT®, Medical College, Kottayam
Course Duration 3 months
Initially only 5 seats are available. Candidates shall be selected based on their qualifications and the minimum qualification is bachelor of physiotherapy. So we request you to register your names free of cost by sending your resume to our email i.e.:

For course details and class arrangements; please contact

The Myofascial Therapy & Research Foundation®,


Reg. No. A1.M9/08, S. 289/08
Chemmanampady, Medical College, Kottayam
Ph: 09495300913, 09048001450, 9048001452

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