Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Text book on MFR

Hi to everyone. I am Dr. Ajimshaw. M.S, PhD, I would like to let you know that my hard work to write a comprehensive text book of MFR is going to an end, within a month you will get a comprehensive text book MFR with all its tequenique, details of MF trigger points and its reffered pain pattern, efficacy of our approaches etc in detail. so please wait for the same. you can book sighned books by Dr. Ajimshaw. M.S, as a bonus.interested students and delegates can contact directly thru the mail
Dr. Ajimshaw.M.S, PhD

Congragulations to new Myofascial Practitioners

I am congragulating all students who have successfully complted the Certificate in Myofasial Release Technique 'CMFRT' course held @ months of May and June 2008. Those new MFR practioners are requested to collect their Course certificate, Pass Certificate and Transcript from MFTRF, India's office @ kottayam

Thank You
Dr. Ajimsha. PhD(PT)