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“Give me the power to create a fever,and I shall cure any disease.”- Hippocrates, “The Father of Modern Medicine”

Heat is a therapeutic agent and has long been used for healing in many cultures. All of our body's functions depend on chemical reactions. And chemical reactions are directly affected by heat (either accelerating or slowing in direct proportion to available heat energy). This is bound to have an effect on our tissues and our health.A state of hyperthermia exists when body temperature rises above its normal state of 98.6ºF. Although often misunderstood as a symptom of disease, fever actually is a part of the body's natural healing response. Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy treatments elicit similar healing responses in the body, and consequently are often called “artificial fevers”.During a fever, the functioning of the immune system is stimulated. The production of WBCs, is increased, as is the rate of their release into the blood stream. The generation of anti-bodies speeds up, as does the production of interferon, an anti-viral protein that also has powerful cancer-fighting properties. A Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy raises your body core temperature to effective levels within just 10 minutes of use!HOW REJUVENATING SAUNA THERAPY HELPS YOU?
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy increases the extensibility of tissues.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy decreases rigidity in joints.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy reduces muscle spasm.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy can decrease muscular pain.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy increases blood circulation and irrigation, but not blood pressure.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy enhances total lymph system cleansing.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy has been recently used in therapies against cancer and infectious diseases.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy are highly effective is removing fat-stored toxins from the body.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy effectively washes toxins from the surface of the skin as you sweat.
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy improves vascular flow, enhancing oxygen, nutrient, and lymph exchange at the cellular level.
Ø Increases resistance to illness.
Ø Promotes a wonderful feeling of well being and total body rejuvenation.
Ø Soothes and relaxes tired muscles
Ø Helps to relieve mental fatigue
Ø Relieves tension and stress
Ø Provides a cardiovascular workout
Ø Very effective in Chickun Guinia Joint- muscle pain
Ø Burns as many as 300 calories during a normal Sauna session
Ø Helps maintain clear, healthy skin and provides an after glow of a rosy complexion
Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy also has an anecdotal record of success in the treatment of conditions such as:
Ø Arthritis
Ø Back pain
Ø Menstrual cramps
Ø Rheumatism
Ø Sciatica
Ø Hemorrhoids
Ø Neuritis, and
Ø Post operative edema.

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For more reading about the therapeutic benefits of Rejuvenating Sauna Therapy, the following books are recommended:“Therapeutic Heat and Cold” by Ed. Justus, F. Lehman, MD“Eight Weeks to Optimum Health” by Dr. Andrew Weil.
“Electrotherapy Explained” by John Low & Ann Reed
“Clayton’s Electro Therapy” by Foster & Palastanga.
“Clinical Electro Therapy” by Roger M Nelson & Dean
“Hand Book of PMR (Krusen’s)” by Frederic J Kottke & Justus F Lehmann

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